• Taste The Difference:

    Why Data is the Secret Ingredient for the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Kellogg's
    Customer Video

    See How Kellogg's Transformed Data Collection to Achieve Sustainablility Goals

    Customer Video

    See How Heineken Uses the PI System to Improve Water and Energy Management

  • brief deschutes

    Deschutes reduced production time, maximized capacity and postponed $8 million in capital upgrades.

    Brief Kellog

    The Kellogg Company Harvests $3.3 Million in Energy Savings with the PI System.

    brief tyson

    “Up until 4 years ago, we had zero visibility into plant operations data, so decisions were being made without data to back it up.”

  • Petter Moree

    Meet Petter Moree, Industry Principal for Food and Beverage

    Petter joined OSIsoft in October 2015 as the Industry Principal for Life Sciences, Food & Beverages and Specialty Chemicals, ensuring these markets obtain optimal value through their use of the PI System. Petter is based in southern Sweden and works globally...

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