• The PI System for Rail

    $1 Trillion Spent Each Year to Replace Equipment

    What if a portion of that could be reduced?

    Through the capabilities of the PI System, rail organizations can realize the power of their own real-time data to reduce maintenance costs.

    * McLean, C. and Wolfe, D. (2002), "Intelligent wireless condition based maintenance", Sensors Magazine, Vol. 19 No 6, June

  • Condition-based maintenance enabled by real-time data means rail organizations can better maintain and protect their asset infrastructure. However, knowing how to implement CBM can be a challenge.

  • What the PI System can do for the rail industry.

    How Esri, CGI and the PI System worked together to enhance data connections and improve situational awareness.

    The power of real-time streaming data can transform the rail industry.

  • Find out what the PI System is and how it can support a connected supply chain.

  • Meet Matt Miller, Industry Principal for Transportation

    With more than 25 years of experience in product management, consulting and operations in the transportation industry, Matt works closely with customers, OEMs, partners and research institutes to derive valuable transportation data in industrial machinery, supply chain and connected cars.

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